Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Massage Therapy available :: Centers for Healing

Centers for Healing :: Dr. Blanche D. Grube and Dr. Dr. David Villarreal

A Centers for Healing Massage stimulates the fast release of ionic calcium for healing and is recommended after surgery.
Besides reducing tension and feeling relaxed after a massage, massage from one of our experienced massage therapists has been shown to enhance the ability of the white blood cells to carry on their duty of removing debris and aging cells. After the protocol is administered, there is an acceleration of ridding the body of aged cells, especially red blood cells. Improved immune activity has been shown, and red blood cells contaminated with mercury exit the blood stream in far greater amounts than they can be replaced. Ionic calcium in the blood is needed for initial healing after cleaning out cavitations, removing dead or root canal teeth. Many calcium supplements provide a non-biological form of calcium. A Centers for Healing Massage stimulates the fast release of ionic calcium for healing and is recommended after surgery.

Once you schedule an appointment with our office, ask for more information on Healing Massage after your dental appointment!

Don't forget to ask about our "Friends and Family" discount. 

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-David Villareal

Friday, June 8, 2012

Centers for Healing wants to hear from you!

Summer is only days away, which means a season full of vacations, adventures and great memories is just around the corner for most of our patients. Whether you are headed to a barbecue, a camping trip, hitting America’s open roads or just having fun in the backyard this summer, we want to hear all about it! Make sure to let us know what you’re up to as spring winds down and summer begins on our Facebook page!

Keep your pearly whites healthy!
Everyone wants a glowing and radiant white smile when the sun comes around and we have a few reminders to keep your pearly whites healthy and beautiful over the summer! Try to stay away from drinks that will stain your teeth like coffee, soft drinks or dark colored juices- Not only will drinks like this weaken your enamel but they will also darken that fabulous smile your working on! Another tip is to try and focus on brushing your teeth- everyone knows when busy schedules start picking up, getting a good brushing session in tends to take the backseat! A good tip for keeping your mouth safe from staining and other possible pitfalls is to try and swirl your mouth with water after any meal you can’t fully brush your teeth after- your teeth, inside and out, will benefit!

I also encourage you to make an appointment so I can speak to you about the curative powers of herbs and botanicals. Natural health practitioners have prized herbs and botanicals for centuries - and now modern scientists have proven that these ingredients can be powerful and effective for a bright smile and sweet, fresh breath. Make an appointment so you and I can speak about how this knowledge has been harnessed to a wonderful product and is now available at Centers for Healing

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mercury free and Mercury safe protocols

Our biological dental team is uniquely structured and uses the latest equipment and safest protocol for removal of mercury to protect your health and the environment. Working in conjunction with our Naturaphatic physician I work with you to address mercury, heavy metal or other dental burdens affecting your health. I have practiced mercury free and mercury safe dentistry for over 20 years, and have patients from all over the United States.
Please visit our state of the art facility so we may discuss how to safely remove this toxic material from your body. Look forward to hearing from you!
-Dr. David Villarreal

Mercury Amalgam (Filling) Removal

Removal of mercury filling, or amalgams, and other toxic metals from your mouth can reduce both the chronic exposure to mercury vapor, as well as the electrical currents that are created by the contact of different metals in fillings and crowns. Old mercury fillings may contain 50% mercury.
Although controversial, these currents are potentially harmful because they block the meridians and bio-energetic fields of your body. In order to ensure that your health is not compromised, an integrated approach which includes nutritional counseling, special air filters, a special oxygenated water system, negative ion generators, oxygen masks and rubber dams is used for mercury removal and other toxic metals.